Purdue tandem falls short in election

Purdue football players Ishmael Aristide and Rob Henry set out to make history, and they nearly did.

The Boilers' tandem finished second in the school's student government election, which took place last week. Aristide, a junior safety, ran for school president, while Henry, a junior quarterback, shared the ticket as a vice presidential candidate. I wrote about the pair and their unique campaign a couple of weeks ago.

According to the Purdue Exponent, the Joe Rust/Lexi Hiland ticket won the election, followed by the Aristide/Henry ticket and three other tandems. The name Rust clearly goes a long way in the Rust Belt. Congrats to them.

Aristide and Henry were believed to be the first Purdue athletes ever to run for student office. It would have been great to see them win, but they deserve a ton of credit for their attempt. Not only was their campaign entertaining, but Aristide and Henry tried to connect with the student body in ways many athletes don't or are unable to.

"We've broken the stigma," Aristide told me. "That's what Boilermakers are all about. We're not your conventional students and this isn't your conventional program. We're innovators."

There's little doubt both Aristide and Henry will be successful in their future endeavors. Here's hoping their election run will encourage other athletes at other schools to become active in campus affairs.