Ohio State to improve scoreboard

When it comes to college football video boards these days, bigger -- and sharper -- is better.

Ohio State is the latest school to upgrade its technological gameday experience. The school announced Tuesday that it will undertake a $7 million improvements project at Ohio Stadium, replacing the 11-year-old scoreboard and audio system.

The new high-def Panasonic screen will measure 42-feet-by-124-feet; the current scoreboard is 30-feet-by-90-feet and is, gasp, not in HD. The board will be flanked by a cluster of 25 speakers on each side that the school says will dramatically improve the sound over the stadium's audio system. Speakers under various decks of the stadium will be also be replaced with improved versions.

Ohio Stadium will also have new LED ribbon boards in the South Stands section that will display statistics and scores from other games and will include a section designated for closed captioning.

The project will start April 23 and is scheduled to be finished by early August.