Big Ten chat transcript: April 18

Another spirited Big Ten chat is in the books. Thanks to all of those who participated.

In case you missed out on the fun, here's a full transcript.

Some highlights:

DuckI from Camp Randall: Adam, It seems like the BIG currently has a lack of a conference identity and less unity than the SEC. How can we get this back when seven of the 12 teams are led by coaches that weren't in the conference two years ago? What will it take for a Badgers fan to again take pride in a Buckeye victory, or a Spartan to be proud of a Hawkeye?

Adam Rittenberg: Less unity? Not sure if I agree. I think most Big Ten fans pull for the league in nonconference matchups and in bowls. Sure, there will always be some fans who don't because of rivalry reasons, etc., but the fans I hear from want the league to succeed. Are Big Ten fans as loud and obnoxious about it as those from the SEC? Not even close. But I don't think it means the league lacks unity.

Hank from Washington, D.C.: Adam--You must win a Big 10 Title before getting a National Championship title! I see nothing wrong with Hoke's mindset.

Adam Rittenberg: Might want to check with Alabama about that :-) But yes, your point is valid. This is an issue I've wondered about not just with Hoke, but throughout the Big Ten. Do enough teams in this league truly strive to be national champions? Because that's how leagues are judged in this environment. And when a playoff arrives, winning the Rose Bowl will mean even less in terms of national perception.

Ryan from Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Hi Adam, How many RB's do you see Iowa using next year? I know it will be by committee, but, how many will be in the rotation? and do you think 1 of them will get to 1000 yards?

Adam Rittenberg: I think Iowa has to go into the season with a committee mindset at RB. If one guy emerges during nonconference play as a featured back, go with him. But I think the Hawkeyes will get both Bullock and Johnson some carries, along with at least one of the freshmen. Garmon is a very intriguing prospect and could be an impact guy right away. So I could see anywhere from 2 to 4 backs in the RB rotation. If one emerges, a 1,000-yard season wouldn't be a shocker.

Steven from Madison, Wis.: Do you think it's possible that Delany threw the 4-plus-Rose game into the mix just to make the rest of the options look better to the other conferences? I love the Rose Bowl, and Delany does too, but we all know that that system would never be ratified.

Adam Rittenberg: Steven, I think he did it to show his loyalty to the Rose Bowl, telling them that he's fighting for them even though both parties know they're not winning this one. I also think he could be using it as leverage to advocate for more realistic options, such as having semifinal games on campus, something Delany and Pac-12 commish Larry Scott both want.

Thanks again for chiming in, and my apologies to those whose questions weren't answered. Let's do it again next week.