Poll: Which playoff model best suits B1G?

The BCS meetings are under way in Hollywood, Fla., and the commissioners are moving closer to determining college football's future postseason model. As Big Ten fans, you have opinions, and we want to hear them.

My sense is the Big Ten's primary objectives -- protecting the prestige of the Rose Bowl and playing meaningful games either on or closer to its campuses -- are going to be tough to achieve. Colleague Mark Schlabach reports that the preferred four-team playoff model is to have both the semifinals and championship game at neutral sites, which could also be the existing major bowl sites. The opposition to campus games seems extremely silly to me, but then again, I cover a league filled with large stadiums that are located mostly in or near decent-sized cities. There's no doubt in my mind that the potential for Big Ten teams to host playoff games on campus would be a major advantage.

If neutral sites are the future, where does the Rose Bowl fit in? Would there be more playoff games in Pasadena than any of the other bowl spots? There should be, in my view. But I also think having the title game in a city like Indianapolis makes sense.

What say you? I've identified four playoff options, all of which include four teams, in the accompanying poll. It's time for you to vote.