Your vote: B1G's most hated coach ever

Haters unite.

In case you haven't noticed, it's Hate Week at ESPN.com. (Then again, isn't every week Hate Week for college football fans?) We're taking a look at the coaches fans love to hate, often because they win a lot of games.

Earlier today, I looked at three current Big Ten coaching villains -- Wisconsin's Bret Bielema, Ohio State's Urban Meyer and Michigan State's Mark Dantonio. Now it's time to step into the time machine.

Who are the most hated coaches in Big Ten history? We want to hear from you, and you can send your responses to Brian or myself.

Rather than do a poll and limit the choices to four or five candidates, we're opening the floor. If there's some obscure coach you really hate from the 1930s, make your case. If it's someone still coaching in the league, make your case.

Just to help you out, though, I've put together several lists of the Big Ten's most successful coaches. Because everyone hates a winner.


T-1. Bo Schembechler, Michigan, 13

T-1. Woody Hayes, Ohio State, 13

3. Fielding Yost, Michigan, 10

4. Henry Williams, Minnesota, 8

T-5. Amos Alonzo Stagg, Chicago, 7

T-5. Bub Zuppke, Illinois, 7

T-5. Bernie Bierman, Minnesota, 7


1. Woody Hayes, Ohio State, 152

2. Bo Schembechler, Michigan, 143

3. Amos Alonzo Stagg, Chicago, 116

4. Hayden Fry, Iowa, 98

5. Joe Paterno, Penn State, 95

BEST BIG TEN RECORDS (minimum 10 years)

1. Bo Schembechler, Michigan, 143-23-3 (.850)

2. Fielding Yost, Michigan, 42-10-2 (.796)

3. Woody Hayes, Ohio State, 152-39-7 (.785)

4. Lloyd Carr, Michigan, 81-23 (.779)

5. Fritz Crisler, Michigan, 42-11-3 (.777)

Send in your responses and we'll post some of the best on Friday morning.

Don't feel the need to be nice (it shouldn't be a struggle for some of you). Hate away.