OSU fan sorry for bounty on UM recruit

First, we had Michigan recruit Logan Tuley-Tillman setting fire to his Ohio State recruiting letter and putting the picture on Twitter.

Then Tuley-Tillman received death threats for his gesture.

Then an Ohio State fan named Harrison Watson tweeted that he'd pay $2,000 to "whoever sidelines this kid permanently."

Now, Watson has apologized for that tweet and says he'll donate $2,000 to Michigan to make up for it.

Anyone still doubting the intensity of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry?

Watson, a 22-year-old Buckeyes fan, wrote on his personal website that he meant his Twitter bounty offer as a joke before realizing his remarks were "regrettable and reprehensible."

"I ask for all of you to please excuse my remarks, and more importantly I ask for the forgiveness of Logan Tuley-Tillman," Watson wrote. "Best of luck to you in your endeavors in the classroom and on the football field.

"As a token of my deepest regrets in this situation – I will be making a $2000.00 donation to the University of Michigan to be used towards increasing the already spectacular educational programs that they possess. I hope that this donation will help to ease the pain of my unfortunate remarks. Thank you. I welcome suggestions from the University of Michigan family for which program to direct my donation towards."

This whole story has gotten out of hand, especially with the death threats against a high school rising senior. Watson's comment was irresponsible, but it's not the worst social media behavior by an Ohio State fan we've seen this spring.

I love the rivalry and how it sizzles 365 days a year. But, remember, think before you Tweet, especially if the topic is about something which you cannot be rational. Or it might just cost you a couple thousand bucks.