Poll: B1G's most underrated coaching job

I'm receiving plenty of feedback on the Big Ten coaching jobs rankings from earlier today. There's some misunderstanding about the rankings -- in my view, factors like facilities, recent success and recruiting location trump how much a coach makes or how much fans care. But there are definitely some debatable choices and cases to be made for one job over another.

We can discuss the Big Ten's best job, but it's pretty clear Ohio State and Michigan are the only schools realistically in the discussion. We can also discuss the jobs at the bottom of the league, but there aren't huge differences between them.

The most interesting topic, in my view, is one colleague Mark Schlabach wrote about earlier today: underrated coaching jobs. These are positions that are set up to succeed, and with the right coach in place, do succeed.

Schlabach listed Michigan State alongside TCU, Washington, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State and other underrated jobs. Can't argue with it. Michigan State has long been considered a sleeping giant. It now has the facilities in place and the right coach (Mark Dantonio). The result: 22 wins in the past two seasons.

Other Big Ten jobs could fit into this category, and I've listed Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois in the poll.

It's your turn to vote on the Big Ten's most underrated coaching job.