Penn State must answer to NCAA president

Since the verdict came down in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse trial, much of the attention has been on whether the NCAA will punish Penn State for its role in the scandal.

The NCAA has been quiet about Penn State since announcing its investigation in November, but it told the Associated Press on Wednesday that Penn State will have to formally respond to questions from NCAA president Mark Emmert at some point. The NCAA offered no timeline on when the response would take place but said it has been collecting information from the investigation led by former FBI director Louis Freeh.

Freeh will announce his findings from an eight-month investigation Thursday morning.

The Freeh Report in many ways sets the course for how the NCAA and/or Big Ten could act regarding Penn State. If no specific NCAA rule violations surface, it seems unlikely the NCAA or Big Ten would impose sanctions on Penn State.

What seems likely is that the NCAA and Big Ten wait for all the major legal issues to conclude -- including the trials of former Penn State officials Tim Curley and Gary Schultz -- before taking any action.