Poll: Evaluating Penn State's penalties

By now, most of you know the penalties handed down to Penn State's football program by the NCAA. Penn State didn't receive the so-called "death penalty" and will play football this fall and beyond, but the program will be compromised for at least the next five seasons.

Penn State received a four-year bowl ban, significant scholarship reductions through the 2017 season and five years probation. It also must pay a $60 million fine and vacate all victories since 1998, when the first allegations surfaced against former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. The vacated wins bump former coach Joe Paterno from the top spot on the Division I all-time coaching victories list. The Big Ten also stripped Penn State of its bowl revenue, estimated to be around $13 million, for the next four seasons.

What's your take on the Penn State penalties? Too harsh? Too lenient? Just right?

A lot of folks thought Penn State deserved the "death penalty," and nothing else would be appropriate. Others feel the penalties imposed punish on too many people who had nothing to do with the scandal.

It's time to vote. Make yours count.