Bill O'Brien chat wrap

We normally have weekly chats around here and then offer you a wrap-up.

Well, SportsNation had a guy who actually knows a lot about football chatting today, and his team has been in the news just a bit lately. Penn State coach Bill O'Brien took some questions from fans in a live chat this morning. Here is the full transcript, along with some highlights:

Greg (VA): With the sanctions now in place, does you plan for the program change to more of a five year plan versus a shorter term vision?

Bill O'Brien: There's no question that we have to think about the short term and the long term. The No. 1 goal for right now is to keep the 2012 team together, but we're also meeting about the scholarship reductions. It's more of a 4-5 year plan. Where do you want to be when the sanctions are over.

Jeff (Dallas): Coach, considering the current circumstances, would you be offended at all if some student-athletes decide to transfer or leave Penn State?

BOB: I would never feel ill will towards the players that leave. That's the rules that we play under. We formed a bond with these players and our team feels a bond with each other. Hopefully that's strong enough to keep us together.

John Bagnall (York, Pa): How much pressure do you feel to take Penn State out of this shadow of the Sandusky Scandle?

BOB: I really can't stand the word pressure. If anybody knows anything about my family, we have a chance to coach football. It's a fantastic sport. We're doing it at a great university. We can't wait to start practice and field a very competitive team in 2012.

Brian (Altoona, PA): So far your team and recruiting class has held together through the sanctions. This speaks volumes on the type of player a Penn State guy is. How are you going to move forward looking for these type of guys knowing you do not have much room for error (due to scholarship sanctions)?

BOB: Again, we've got to find different ways. We might have to work harder. We have to do a great job of evaluating our offers. We have to do a great job of analyzing our numbers on our roster. We have to do a really really good job of recruiting PA kids to walk on. I've said this before, we went to the Super Bowl in New England with the biggest number of undrafted players. Wes Welker walked on at Texas Tech. Danny Woodhead. I think Brian Waters played at North Texas State. There are people that say we can't get it done. We have to be resolute and creative in our way of doing it.

Michael Marino (Chicago): Coach, you are the man, great move going on ESPN all day today....what sort of changes to the schedule are you looking to do to create pseudo bowl games for the players over next 4 years?

BOB: That's already in the works, trying to change the schedule a little bit, like a Miami, Southern Cal, Hawaii. Something you can point to like a bowl game or just a big game. We should be willing to play anybody. At least once or twice a year. That's what we're trying to get started now.