More bad news for Purdue's Robert Marve

Many Purdue fans weren't too happy that Caleb TerBush started over Robert Marve in the Notre Dame game. But it looks like this will be TerBush's team going forward.

Marve just can't seem to buy a break with his health. On Monday, Boilers coach Danny Hope said on his radio show that an MRI showed damage to the ACL in Marve's left knee. That's the same ligament that Marve has torn twice, most recently in a derailed 2010 season. Hope said the full extent of the injury isn't known and that MRIs can sometimes be difficult to read when the ligament has suffered multiple tears. But the picture isn't a pretty one.

Maybe Marve can come back and play this year, as Hope said. But it sure looks like he's going to miss significant time. That's another bad break for the sixth-year senior in his star-crossed career. But it's not a killer for Purdue, which finally can withstand a quarterback injury.

TerBush started every game last year and had practically the same stat line as Marve in the first half against Notre Dame, though he finished poorly and threw two interceptions against the Irish. It was also TerBush's first game of the season as he drew a suspension for the opener. Hope has said TerBush was clearly the No. 1 quarterback all throughout offseason practice; now he's got to show it on the field.

And it's not just TerBush or TerBust for the Boilers. Though Rob Henry didn't play quarterback during the Notre Dame game, he did knock the rust off in the opener against Eastern Kentucky. Henry started in 2010 after Marve's injury, only to suffer his own season-ending injury before the 2011 season began.

Using Henry would change Purdue's offense a bit -- he's a much better runner than a downfield passer, though he's worked hard on improving that latter part of his game. But Henry is a good leader who's respected by his teammates.

The pressure now is really on TerBush, because this is a team that looks like it can contend for a berth in the Big Ten title game out of a weakened Leaders Division. Given that the next two games are against Eastern Michigan and Marshall, with a bye in between, that should give Purdue plenty of time to sort things out. And hopefully Marve can make it back before his college career ends.