How we voted in ESPN.com's Top 25

Adam and I don't vote in the Associated Press poll, but we do have a say in the weekly ESPN.com power rankings. Here's what we said:

Adam's ballot

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. South Carolina

4. Florida

5. West Virginia

6. Kansas State

7. Notre Dame

8. Ohio State

9. LSU

10. Oregon State

11. Texas

12. USC

13. Oklahoma

14. Georgia

15. Florida State

16. Clemson

17. Louisville

18. Mississippi State

19. Rutgers

20. Stanford

21. Louisiana Tech

22. Texas A&M

23. Cincinnati

24. Ohio

25. Michigan

Brian's ballot

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Florida

4. South Carolina

5. West Virginia

6. Notre Dame

7. Kansas State

8. Ohio State

9. LSU

10. Oregon State

11. USC

12. Texas

13. Georgia

14. Florida State

15. Oklahoma

16. Clemson

17. Mississippi State

18. Louisville

19. Stanford

20. Rutgers

21. Cincinnati

22. Louisiana Tech

23. Texas A&M

24. Michigan

25. Baylor

Huge shakeup in the polls this week after all of Saturday's upsets. Our top 10s don't differ too much, though I gave a little more weight to Florida and Notre Dame, while Adam favored South Carolina and Kansas State. We both have only two Big Ten teams in the Top 25: Ohio State, which is No. 8 in both our polls, and Michigan, which climbs back in after an impressive win at Purdue. While the Wolverines still don't boast a lot of high-quality wins, their two losses have come to the No. 1 and No. 6/7 teams in our polls. And, frankly, there's not a lot else to choose from for the bottom of the polls. Nebraska and Northwestern fell out after their losses. I considered Penn State but would like to see at least one more win by the Nittany Lions before ranking them.

What does your Top 25 look like after Saturday's chaos?