Meyer endorses Miller, but not for Heisman

Election season is upon us, and the campaigns are awash with hyperbole, as well as some seemingly conflicting statements.

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer is doing his part, too. Meyer doesn't shy away from hyperbole, which makes him more quotable and entertaining than his mostly measured Big Ten colleagues.

And when it comes to Buckeyes sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller, Meyer hasn't held back praise -- except in one area.

"I don't think Braxton's a Heisman candidate right now," Meyer said Monday at his weekly news conference. "I think he's certainly one to watch. He's got the ability. But then again, I don't know who is. We're only halfway through the season. In about two or three games I think you can start talking about that. I'm not talking to Braxton about it. ... I think at the right time, he will be a candidate if he continues to play very well."

Fair enough. While most of us have Miller's name penciled onto our Heisman ballots -- directly below that of West Virginia's Geno Smith, in my case -- it is still early, and we've seen several campaigns, even some in the Big Ten, abruptly end.

Meyer might not be driving the Miller-for-Heisman campaign bus, but he's still providing some of the top material.

On Tuesday's Big Ten teleconference, Meyer called Miller, "one of the top five runners in America, maybe even higher." Moments later, he added, "Percy Harvin and Braxton Miller are the two best runners I've ever had."

So Miller isn't a Heisman Trophy candidate, but he's a nationally elite runner and belongs in the same company as Harvin, who starred for Meyer at Florida? Seems a little conflicting. Miller, by the way, ranks 11th nationally in rushing, 38th in pass efficiency and 23rd in total offense.

Indiana coach Kevin Wilson, whose team faces Miller on Saturday night, called the Ohio State quarterback "one of the best players in the game."

I guess we'll have to wait a few more weeks for Meyer to give Miller his full endorsement for the Heisman. Election day is Nov. 6.