How we voted in ESPN.com's Top 25

Adam and I don't vote in any of the major polls (but I would like to vote in the Joan Harris Poll, if there were such a thing). We do have a say in the ESPN.com Power Rankings, and here's what we said this week:

Adam's Top 25

1. Alabama

2. Kansas State

3. Oregon

4. Notre Dame

5. LSU

6. Ohio State

7. Florida State

8. Georgia

9. Florida

10. Clemson

11. South Carolina

12. Louisville

13. Oregon State

14. USC

15. Oklahoma

16. Boise State

17. Stanford

18. Texas A&M

19. Mississippi State

20. Texas Tech

21. Louisiana Tech

22. Nebraska

23. Arizona

24. Northern Illinois

25. West Virginia

Brian's Top 25

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Kansas State

4. Notre Dame

5. LSU

6. Ohio State

7. Georgia

8. Florida State

9. Florida

10. Clemson

11. South Carolina

12. Oklahoma

13. USC

14. Louisville

15. Texas Tech

16. Oregon State

17. Mississippi State

18. Stanford

19. Texas A&M

20. Boise State

21. Nebraska

22. West Virginia

23. Arizona

24. Louisiana Tech

25. Oklahoma State

We both dropped Ohio State a bit after its troubles with Purdue, but we both moved the Buckeyes back up following an impressive win at Penn State. Could these Buckeyes actually beat Florida State, Florida, South Carolina or other teams we have ranked behind them? The sad thing is we'll never know. ... We both also have Nebraska about the same place and no other Big Ten teams ranked, just like the major polls. ... I continue to stay with Oregon at No. 2, while Adam goes with K-State. The Wildcats have the better résumé for sure, but I am having my doubts about just how strong the Big 12 actually is. The Ducks need to beat somebody good, but they sure are impressive doing what they do. ... The tough decisions this week were at the bottom of the poll after a whole bunch of teams lost. We both rewarded Rich-Rod's team for beating USC, while I like the way Oklahoma State is coming on. Adam went for former Wisconsin assistant Dave Doeren's Northern Illinois squad, which is 8-1. I considered the Huskies but couldn't get past the memory of them losing to Iowa, the same way I can't rank a 7-1 Kent State outfit that got somehow blown out by my alma mater.

What does your Top 25 look like this week?