Purdue AD releases statement on football

Purdue's football program is mired in a four-game losing streak, and the drumbeat for coach Danny Hope's removal is increasing each week.

Athletic director Morgan Burke released a statement Monday afternoon on the state of the program:

Everyone around our football program has high expectations for the 2012 season. We have worked very hard over the past four years to improve our personnel, facilities and every phase of our program, which is evident. Our student-athletes, alumni, fans, coaching staff and administration all expect to see the program move forward and take a step up the postseason ladder. Currently, our performance has kept us from reaching our goals. But we have a third of the season left to play, and our focus is to achieve that consistency over the remaining four games. We need to press forward, converting potential into results and having fun playing Boilermaker football.

Not a whole lot there. It does indicate Burke likely won't make any changes until after the season, and that he's well aware that the team hasn't lived up to expectations. Hope has said many times that this would be his best team at Purdue.

Burke hired Hope and doesn't like paying buyouts to dump coaches, but with Purdue sputtering, attendance plummeting and fan enthusiasm at a low point, he has a decision to make soon.