Report: UC wanted Meyer to lobby for ACC

How desperate is Cincinnati to get out of the Big East? The school asked one of its famous alums, who happens to coach Ohio State's football team, to lobby on its behalf and try to get in the ACC.

Yes, we're talking about Urban Meyer.

Meyer's name popped up on an email obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer through an open records request. Meyer played defensive back at Cincinnati in the early 1980s, and his sister is an administrator at the school.

From the Enquirer:

The email and other documents, obtained by The Enquirer through an Ohio Public Records Act request, also show that UC tried to enlist Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer, whose sister works at UC. Urban used to coach at Notre Dame, which has joined the ACC for sports other than football.

But Meyer eventually backed away from that request.

"While he is comfortable telling folks he cares deeply for UC and that he knows we are a great school, with great people and great leadership, he thinks his calls would feel contrived and that they would not have an impact," wrote Gigi Escoe, a vice provost at UC and Meyer's sister, to [athletic director Whit] Babcock Nov. 27.

Meyer definitely made the right call. I can't imagine Ohio State or the Big Ten office would want one of its coaches getting involved in the realignment process -- especially with two leagues outside of the Big Ten.

The Cincinnati emails show the school is targeting the ACC for the Big 12 as its next home. The Big Ten isn't a realistic option for Cincinnati for several reasons (not a new market, academic concerns).