Paterno family: Freeh report a 'total failure'

Review Of The Freeh Report (1:44)

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Dick Thornburgh discusses what Louis Freeh did incorrectly or not substantially in his report. (1:44)

The family of the late Joe Paterno on Sunday released a detailed report claiming that the Freeh report is "total failure" and rife with false allegations that discredited the former Penn State football coach.

Read the full Paterno family report, entitled "Critique of the Freeh Report: The Rush to Injustice regarding Joe Paterno." The Washington D.C.-based law firm of King & Spaulding led the family's investigation. A summary detailing the "Failures of the Freeh Report" can be found here.

Colleague Don Van Natta writes that the new report raises questions about the Louis Freeh-led investigation.

If the Freeh report was a prosecutor's relentless opening statement that delivered devastating, far-reaching consequences, the Paternos' rebuttal is a defense attorney's closing argument brimming with outrage and fury. It remains to be seen whether the public accepts the Paternos' fury and outrage as justified.

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