Bo Pelini shakes up Huskers' practice

The Harlem Shake is getting out of hand.

Unlike our friends on the ESPN television side, we haven't publicized too many versions of the famous (or infamous) video dance sketch on the blog. Even though Big Ten teams are doing them. And will do more of them.

Our plan to shake off The Shake seemed to be working well. And then Bo Pelini decided to get involved.

Yes, that Bo Pelini. From his sideline demeanor to his, well, brevity with the media, the Nebraska coach doesn't come off as Mr. Fun. But Pelini has a lighter side, and he showed it off Saturday as the Huskers hit the practice field for the start of spring ball.

Nebraska produced its own Harlem Shake video, which you can see below, and unlike many sports teams versions we've seen, the head coach plays a central role.

The video begins with an image we associate more often with Pelini: the Nebraska coach throwing his ballcap after wide receiver Jamal Turner is flagged for a false start. Pelini stands in disgust as Turner begins dancing around the linebackers.

In the second clip, Pelini ditches the cap and dances along with the other players and coaches -- he's behind the row of rowers, near the guy with the giant orange cowboy hat and not far from one of the yardage markers. Don't ask us to describe Pelini's dance, but give him an A for effort. Good stuff.

We can't say we saw this coming, but it's nice to see a Big Ten coach let loose a bit. Can Urban Meyer top Pelini's performance in Ohio State's version? Brady Hoke, perhaps? We'll soon find out.

Enjoy ...