No. 1 seed Ron Dayne advances in tourney

The Great Dayne is marching on in the Big Ten players tournament. Wisconsin running back Ron Dayne, the No. 1 seed, advanced to the semifinals ahead of Iowa left tackle Robert Gallery, the No. 8 seed.

Although both Dayne and Gallery had tremendous college careers, Dayne ran away with the vote, earning 73 percent to Gallery's 27 percent.

Here are some comments from those who voted:

Gary from Maryland: Per the Dayne/Gallery debate, this is really tough. Comparing a RB to a tackle seems like an apples to oranges debate and in this case, it's almost more like the chicken and egg question. Without the Gallerys of the world, the Daynes can't pile up the big numbers. And without the Daynes, the Gallerys don't have many other numbers to truly demonstrate their effectiveness. I guess when it all comes down to it, I'll lean towards the guy who moved the ball farther than any other back in history at the time of his graduation. So I go with Dayne based purely on the superlatives of his career. Just one man's humble opinion.

Jimmy D. from Crystal Lake, Ill.: Ron Dayne easily. 12 - 200 yard games in career, back to back 200+ games in 1999 & 2000 Rose Bowl. Just pure domination.

Sam from Coralville, Iowa: Call me a bit biased because of my black and gold blood. But Robert Gallery both carried the 2002 and 2003 Big Ten championship teams and turn the Hawkeye football program around (which is what it needs now). Brad Banks, although I love, was at best an average QB. But Banks still got runner-up for the Heisman behind Carson Palmer. This was all in part due to 4 our of his 5 offensive linemen going to the NFL along with back up Ben Sobaski getting drafted (Andy Lightfoot could have gone to the NFL but chose a career outside of football instead).There is always the saying "a bad line can make a good back look bad, and a good line can make a bad back look good". But in this case an exceptional linemen made an average Brad Banks look absolutely amazing. Once again I will always love Brad Branks, But I feel a tree stub could have been the Iowa QB in the 2002 season and finished runner up for the Heisman.

Dayne will face the winner of the first-round matchup between No. 4 seed Purdue QB Drew Brees and No. 5 seed Penn Sate LB Paul Posluszny.