Brees edges Posluszny in players tourney

A chaotic opening weekend of the NCAA tournament is in the books, and so too is the first round of our Big Ten players tournament.

Our last first-round matchup pitting great players from the past 15 years was a close one, as you'd expect when a No. 4 seed goes against a No. 5. In the end, Purdue quarterback Drew Brees edged Penn State linebacker Paul Posluszny with 52 percent of the vote. Here are some comments from those who voted:

Rudy T. from Atascocita, Texas: PSU Alum here, voting for Brees. I remember Brees making 4th quarter comeback after comeback and thinking to myself: this is the next coming of Joe Montana. I don't think I was far off. Purdue has not been close to the same without him; a testament as to how he singlehandly elevated the program. I love Poz, but Brees gets my vote.

Barry M. from Sheboygan, Wis.: Drew Brees should win over Posluszny because Brees took a middle of the pack B1G team to the top and brought fear to all defenses and nightmares to Defensive Coordinators everywhere. He couldn't be removed from the game while schemes could neutralize Posluszny at least on some plays. Brees kept Purdue in games even when overmatched. In short, Brees made all those around him better (a mediocre supporting cast) while Posluszny benefited from a strong supporting cast.

Cory from Dallas: While at Purdue Drew Brees never beat Penn State. Although Paul was never on those teams, there were other linebackers just as heralded as Paul, need I mention Lavar! Paul was a reason why Penn State was able to return to glory following that awful stretch to start the decade. If it wasn't for Lloyd Carr for getting 2 seconds added to the clock Paul would have played for a national championship in 2005! Not to mention he also came back from a knee injury to become a two time All-American in 2006 along with being an academic All-American!

Andrew from Naples, Fla.: The Poz should win the tournament. LBU has kicked out some of the best in the buisness including: Onkotz, Buttle, Conlan, Arrington, Short, Hali, Connor, Lee, and of course Ham just to name a few, and the Poz was somehow better than them all. Let's face it: when Jack Ham says you're the "greatest linebacker," you can take that as gospel!

Smoke from York, Pa.,: I know that I'm going to sound like a PSU Homer, but in this case...well...ok, I'm a homer. Here is why the POZ should get it...CONSISTENCY. The man was a force on the field and made all those around him better. Brees will more than likely ride the popularity of his NFL success. Brees was actually great in college and I really respect him for what he did...but it's POZ. Both guys were great leaders too, so I guess if I was to be objective, it's a tough choice...for others.

Zac G. from Chicago: I don't know how this can be considered a close call. Brees should be no lower than the 2-seed, and the match-up with Dayne should be the final, not the next round.

Well, Zac, you'll have to live with our seedings. Check the blog later as we begin the final four matchups of our tournament.