PSU players take to Twitter for April Fools'

The panic about Penn State players leaving school in the wake of the severe sanctions imposed last summer has largely subsided.

But some Lions fans might have had their heart rates spike if they were browsing Twitter late Sunday night. Several prominent Penn State players took to social media and got an early start on April Fools' with a prank.

As the Daily Collegian details here, the tweets began cryptically. Cornerback Adrian Amos tweeted, "I debate whether to say somethin..how much would change. But all in all I hope it makes me feel better about the situation." Running back Bill Belton followed with, "Better opportunities for me," and, "Picking up and leaving is the toughest thing to do." Wide receiver Allen Robinson then got to the point: "I love my bros, and we will continue to be like family, I'm sorry I had to do this but I will no longer be attending penn state."

After midnight, the players revealed it was:

Judging by some of the players' other tweets, they punked quite a few people who were legitimately freaking out. Belton seemed surprised by the reaction. They shouldn't be. College football fans are always on high alert, even when a joke it pretty obvious.

While I can't imagine Lions head coach Bill O'Brien was too pleased by the Twitter prank, it's nice to see the players having some fun with a topic that still causes a lot of angst. If anything, the prank shows how committed the players are to Penn State despite the sanctions.

Perhaps the best tweet came from Lions tight end Kyle Carter, who wasn't involved in the prank: "I'm not taking anyone serious for the next 24 hours." Good plan.