Big Ten in the BCS standings

Style points might be hurting Iowa in the human polls, but not where it matters most.

The Hawkeyes remained ahead of Penn State in the latest BCS standings, moving up two spots to No. 11 after Saturday's victory against Minnesota. Penn State moved up only one spot to No. 13 after its dominating win against Michigan State, but Oklahoma State is now sandwiched between the two Big Ten squads at No. 12.

It's a safe bet that at least one of those three teams will earn a BCS at-large berth, and possibly two (Oklahoma State and a Big Ten squad). Iowa and Penn State both have completed the regular season, so you'd expect things to stay more or less the same the rest of the way.

Penn State is ranked ahead of Iowa in the AP, Coaches and Harris polls, but the Hawkeyes are well ahead in computer average (10 vs. 18).

Even though Iowa is ahead of Penn State in the BCS standings, the bowls can select any team in the top 14, so Penn State remains in good shape as well. I'll break down the BCS at-large case for each time on Monday.

Ohio State remained at No. 10 in the BCS standings, as the Buckeyes' computer average (11) hurts them. Wisconsin fell out of the standings after its loss to Northwestern.