Discipline guides Devin Gardner

WolverineNation's Michael Rothstein profiles Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner and the structure in his life that has led to success:

Desmond Howard was in the middle of a 45-minute run on a Schembechler Hall elliptical machine in early 2011 when a young man he didn't know walked onto the Michigan practice field with a speed agility ladder and footballs in tow.

Howard saw the young man set up nets, put down the ladder and start to work. With the elliptical faced out over the practice field, Howard watched Devin Gardner throw.

"For like 45 minutes he went through his workout," Howard said. "Going through drops, going through the ladder, go get another ball, work the ladder, his drop, throw to his left.

"All by himself on a Saturday afternoon."

It impressed Howard, who met Gardner in the locker room afterward. Howard asked why no one else was around. Gardner told him the receivers didn't want to work on weekends. But he needed to, so he showed up anyway.

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