Jim Delany still No. 2 in commissioner pay

The Big Ten remains the king among football conferences in total revenue created and distributed among its member schools. But the leader of that kingdom remains only No. 2 in terms of his own income.

USA Today reports that Big Ten boss Jim Delany ranked second among conference commissioners in salary and compensation in the 2011 calendar year, according to the most recent tax documents available. Coming in at No. 1 for the second straight year is Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, who was paid about $3.1 million. That includes $1.575 million in base salary and about $1.5 million in bonus and other pay. From the story:

"Scott's compensation is about $300,000 more than that reported for Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany and almost double the nearly $1.6 million total for Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive."

Scott has certainly earned his keep, leading the drive to add Colorado and Utah to the Pac-12 and negotiating a new TV contract worth about $3 billion over 12 years. Still, the USA Today story notes that the Pac-12 reported $175.9 million in revenue in 2011 and distributed $132.9 million to its member schools. Compare that to the Big Ten, which raked in a reported $315.5 million in 2011. Big Ten schools are expected to receive $25.7 million each this year. The league's revenues are expected to skyrocket with the next TV deal, which will include new members Maryland and Rutgers and their desirable markets.

Adam debated Chris Low earlier this year about whether Delany or Slive was the more powerful figure. Maybe we should do the same with the Pac-12 blog now, though it's hard to argue that Scott has had a bigger overall influence on college football than Delany.

There's no need to feel sorry for Delany, who is still generously compensated for his work. But you couldn't blame him if he looked at Scott's salary and thought he deserved a raise.