Paterno family files suit against NCAA

Representatives for the Paterno family announced on Wednesday that they would sue the NCAA. That lawsuit was officially filed earlier today in Centre County, Pa. You can read the full complaint, which is filed on behalf of the Paterno estate, several Penn State trustees and former players, at this link.

Among the suit's main charges:

"Defendants circumvented the procedures required by the NCAA’s rules and violated and conspired with others to violate Plaintiffs’ rights, causing Plaintiffs significant harm. Defendants took these actions based on conclusions reached in a flawed, unsubstantiated, and controversial report that Defendants knew or should have known was not the result of a thorough, reliable investigation; had been prepared without complying with the NCAA’s investigative rules and procedures; reached conclusions that were false, misleading, or otherwise unworthy of credence; and reflected an improper “rush to judgment” based on unsound speculation and innuendo. Defendants also knew or should have known that by embracing the flawed report, they would effectively terminate the search for truth and cause Plaintiffs grave harm. Nonetheless, Defendants took their unauthorized and unlawful actions in an effort to deflect attention away from the NCAA’s institutional failures and to expand the scope of their own authority by exerting control over matters unrelated to recruiting and athletic competition."

And ...

"Defendants knew or should have known that the Freeh Report was an unreliable rush to judgment and that the conclusions reached in the report had not been substantiated. Defendants also knew or should have known that by accepting the Freeh Report they would dramatically increase the publicity given to its unreliable conclusions, effectively terminate the search for the truth, and enable the NCAA to force Penn State to accept the imposition of unprecedented sanctions."

The lawsuit alleges the NCAA of committing a breach of contract, defaming Joe Paterno and other Penn State coaches and conducting a civil conspiracy. It asks to invalidate the consent decree the school signed with the NCAA and for unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

There's not a lot new in the suit that we haven't heard elsewhere, but go read the whole thing if you're interested.