Munson on the Paterno lawsuit

ESPN.com senior writer and legal analyst Lester Munson weighs in on the Paterno family lawsuit versus the NCAA that was filed on Thursday:

"There is nothing subtle or nuanced about the lawsuit. It is nothing less than a frontal assault on everything Erickson and NCAA president Mark Emmert tried to accomplish in their mutual efforts to bring the Sandusky scandal to a conclusion and to move forward. The legal action includes demands to set aside the entire Erickson-NCAA agreement, to bar the NCAA from further activity against Penn State and to punish the NCAA with damages.

"Well written and impressive in its assertions that the NCAA ignored its own rules and procedures and exceeded its authority in its actions against Penn State, the lawsuit demands every civil remedy that is available in American jurisprudence. It accuses Emmert and the NCAA of "malicious" and "unjustified" actions in the scandal and clearly seeks to put the culture of the NCAA on trial and end the attempt to change the culture in State College.

"This lawsuit comes five months after Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett filed his bizarre antitrust attack on the NCAA in federal court in Harrisburg. But this lawsuit, unlike the Corbett action -- the judge is considering the NCAA's request to dismiss that case outright -- is a serious effort that will determine the success or failure of the NCAA's efforts in the worst scandal in the history of college sports. ...

"But the flaw in the lawsuit may be that it is directed against the wrong target. It was Erickson who, faced with the real possibility of the imposition of the death penalty on the football program, accepted the NCAA's sanctions and signed a detailed agreement. ... If the Paterno group of trustees and professors are not happy with the agreement, shouldn't they address their complaints to Erickson, a president who was claiming to act on their behalf?"

You can read the entire piece here.