Nebraska fans make nonconference picks

Earlier this week, we asked you to pick the nonconference opponent you'd most like to see your favorite team play in the near future. You could pick a team already on the upcoming schedule or one that inexplicably hasn't been added.

The response, not surprisingly, has been tremendous. If you haven't done so, send us your picks here and here and be sure to identify your Big Ten allegiance and why you're picking a certain nonconference foe.

Let's kick things off with one of the blog's most active fan bases, Nebraska.

Tom from Omaha: You can keep Nebraska-Texas. If I owned Austin and Hell, I'd rent out Austin and live in the other. A dream home-and-home would be Nebraska-LSU. B1G vs SEC and the Pelini connection are obvious but the biggest reason is the CWS. LSU fans are already familiar with Nebraska and have picked up plenty of support around here thanks to their success in Omaha over the years. I've made friends from LA and been to LSU, and they've been to games in Lincoln with me. Both fan bases seem to be plenty gracious once you're outside of the stadium which at the end of the day makes for a good trip.

Ike from Chicago: I'm a native Nebraskan living here in Illinois, and while the thought of playing our old Big 12 foes does strike a chord with me (especially Texas), I'd love to see a matchup of a team closer to my current home, particularly Notre Dame, or if for a more early schedule team Ohio, so we can play ol' Frank Solich and his Bobcats for old times sake. However, if I were to be scheduling to aid our recruiting, then most definitely we'd need to be scheduling more big time Pac-12 teams like UCLA, maybe challenge Scott Frost's offense up in Eugene, or take on USC like we did a few years ago. And of course schedule games with the SEC, I'm thinking Ole Miss, they've gotten some great classes together recently and are definitely on the rise. Or get something going with LSU so Bo can head back down there.

Nick from Omaha: As a Nebraska fan, we all know there is nothing I would love to see more than Oklahoma on our schedule every year. I realize OU chose Texas and the Big 12 South over us, but there's no bad blood here. I would just love to see one of the biggest rivalries in college football back again. Back in the 70s and 80s this game was about as big, if not bigger than, what you Big Ten folk refer to as "The Game". But the thing about bringing this rivalry back is two years (2020, 2021) just doesn't cut it. I want to see them maybe do a 2 games every 4 years format. Both teams will have 9 game conference schedules so this would make it possible to schedule other top tier teams in the off years. I realize the 2 games every 4 years is what supposedly ruined the rivalry, but lets be real here- Nebraska joining the Big Ten effectively ended the rivalry and I would just rather see them play every now and then than not at all. I just believe that even in today's changing sports landscape, both schools and fan bases have great respect for each other and there is still room for this rivavlry. And I know I can speak for both sides when I say everyone misses this game. I spend a great deal of my summers down in Oklahoma and when they find out I'm a Husker fan its always a fun and enjoyable conversation about the history they have together and how they would love for the game to be back. So please, Shawn Eichorst and Joe Castiglione, if you're reading this. Please make this game a more permanent fixture on our schedules.

Quinten from Columbus, Neb.: Brian:As a Nebraska fan who spent his formative years in the 90s (I began heavily watching football in 1994), I didn't know much about what it felt like to watch my team lose. The first game I clearly remember watching, however, was a loss in the Orange Bowl after the 1993 season to a team that didn't lose very many games in the 90s either: the Florida State Seminoles. During the decade, FSU was 109-13-1 with 2 national championships, while Nebraska was 108-16 with 3 crowns. Strangely enough, each team's explosion of success was somewhat sparked by the other. Bobby Bowden regularly points to the Seminoles' 17-13 win in Lincoln in 1985 as the moment his program had arrived, and it was that Orange Bowl loss to FSU that really put the fuel into the best part of the Huskers' 90s run. This is the nonconference game that Nebraska needs to schedule: the two teams of the 90s squaring off a decade-and-a-half later.

Sky from Norfolk, Neb.: No Nebraska fan likes Texas, but we owe them for several games they stole from us. Yes, you read that right, stole, as in illegally. The 2009 Big 12 championship for one. I'm still convinced that it was a conspiracy to let Texas into the National Title game against 'Bama and thank goodness 'Bama won, which actually makes me feel weird that I was rooting for an SEC team. But that tells you just how strongly I feel about Texas. Bring 'em on.

Nicholas from Vermillion, S.D.: In regards to your question on future nonconference opponents fans would like to see, I think a home and home between Nebraska and Mizzou would be great. It would renew an old rivalry game from the Big 12/8 days, and it would set up a B1G vs SEC showdown as well. I understand Illinois v Mizzou might put a wedge in this proposal, but it seems like a very possible one in the future.

Jerome from Toronto: I'm a Husker fan, and since we already have series scheduled with Oklahoma, Miami, Tennessee, and Colorado I will pick another team. My first instinct is Florida State as we owe them after some battles in recent bowl games. However, it will be difficult to convince FSU to come to Lincoln since they already have a non-conf. game they play with Florida each year. So then my next vote would be for LSU. This is for recruiting purposes as we've always targeted Louisiana for recruits, and have played LSU six times without ever losing. It could be a fun series!

Nate from Fort Sill, Okla.: Husker fan here, I would like to see Nebraska take on...wait for it... North Dakota State. Several reasons 1. They win nat'l titles in their division 2. it's regional and 3. They are coached by former Solich/Osborne assistant Craig Bohl who was fired, in my opinion to save Solich ... Since taking over the Bison he's won like 3 national titles. It's obscure, but there is definately some revenge factor for this one. They are actually a great offensive team and with our recent struggles on def they may give my big red a game.

Great responses from Big Red fans. Oklahoma would be my No. 1 choice and I'm excited to see the Sooners return to Nebraska's schedule. I also like the ideas mentioned here for Florida State, LSU and, of course, Texas. I'm a little surprised to see no Husker fans mention Miami, as the teams have some history and will renew their series in 2014 and 2015.

Ike and Nate, while Ohio and North Dakota State are creative choices, I'd rather see the Huskers take on a higher-profile opponent.