Penn State fans make nonconference picks

This week, we asked you to pick the nonconference opponent you'd most like to see your favorite team play in the near future. You could pick a team already on the upcoming schedule or one that inexplicably hasn't been added.

The response, not surprisingly, has been strong. If you haven't done so already, please send us your picks here and here, and be sure to identify your Big Ten allegiance and why you're picking a certain nonconference foe.

Penn State has some interesting choices to make in the next few years about who it will play outside of the Big Ten. Here are some of Nittany Lions' fans picks for dream matchups:

Andrew from Naples, Fla.: The Number One Opponent Penn State fans want to see is Pitt. There's no question there. They won the last game for real and it eats at us every day, and according to the national communist athletic association we haven't beat them since 9/6/1997! Another crack at Alabama would be sweet, since people seem to have forgotten that Penn State was pounding Alabama early in the last game until the refs gave them the momentum swing (fake punt that even the commentators said didn't reach the first down marker). Notre Dame and USC are high on that list too since we lost to USC partially because we had to be careful with Clark due to the departure of Devlin. Also I would love to see the West Virginia vs PSU (one sided) rivalry reignited! Give us the traditional schools we used to enjoy pounding into the dirt please!

Gary from Maryland: PSU fan here. I would like to see a semi-annual rivalry with Pitt (a la the Ryder Cup). This ensures that every class would play at both Beaver Stadium and Heinz Field and it would still allow for some scheduling flexibility. Backup options would be Miami, Texas, and USC (all good for recruiting AND traveling!).

David from Delaware: I'm a Penn State fan and I'd love to see the Lions schedule a non-conference series against Virginia Tech. Since VT has come into national prominence under Frank Beamer, the two schools have regularly competed for major recruits. There is also quite a bit of alumni overlap in the DC-Baltimore area and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic region which would create a good bit of back and forth among fans leading up to the game. This would be a fun series and definitely feature some good football.

Jeff from Media, Penn.: As a Penn Stater, I want to renew our series with USC. Yeah, there's the sun and the beach. Beating the Spoiled Children would be fun. Retribution for poaching Silas Redd would be nice. But this is really because Lame Kitten is such a weasel.

Zac from Lewistown, Penn.: I graduated from Penn State, so I want to see us play Pitt every year. If you're talking about a home-and-home, the obvious choices are Notre Dame and Miami, in that order.

Tom from Tampa: I would like to see Penn State play Virginia Tech. Both are great institutions with passionate fan bases. The two teams have never played each other and it would be a great matchup. Plus the VT athletic director is a PSU alum. Time to make it happen!

Andrew from Miami: Penn State-Miami. Beaver stadium is scheduled for a white out. Sold Out 107,000 loud and strong. 8pm kick off on ABC. The whole country is watching as 2 storied programs collied and both seek revenge on past games. WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE. I think we all waited a while to see the two reunite... it's time.

Tom V from New York City: Penn State grad here. I believe for the Nittany Lions a matchup with Virginia Tech could be very intriguing. Both are large universities with strong football programs taking students out of the northeast and specifically the DC metropolitan area. The matchup with Alabama was definitely fun (more so for them) but more people at PSU would have friends, family and acquaintances from (or attending) Tech which could bring some more passion into the matchup. This matchup should also help the B1G in their attempt to extend their reach to the eastern seaboard.

Scott from Williamsport, Penn.: I would love to see PSU get Hawaii added to the schedule for the sanction years to help with recruiting, and after the sanctions are over they should be playing WVU in Pittsburgh. Those two fan bases meeting at a neutral field would be awesome.

Dan from State College: You asked who Penn State fans want to see. It's simple: The Pittsburgh Panthers. I know they are on the schedule in the future, but this should be played every year. I'ts a huge rivalry even when the teams dont play (you should hear some of our Nittanyville songs). I have been to Pitt wearing blue and white and believe me, I am pretty sure they feel the same way. Pitt does not have the best football team, but it would be fun to make sure they know who is on top in PA!

My two cents: Some really good calls here by Penn State fans. The Pitt series is a natural, and I'm thrilled not only to see that rivalry return soon, but to hear both sides say that they'd like to make it a regular occurrence again. Penn State also has some other intriguing options on the East Coast with West Virginia and Virginia Tech that would be fun and easy trips for Lions fans.

The Alabama series was good for college football history buffs, though unfortunately it will probably be a while until Penn State is ready to seriously compete with the Tide. While the USC revenge factor is interesting, by the time it could actually be scheduled I'm not sure too many fans would still care all that much about the Silas Redd transfer. I also like the Penn State-Miami series that will most likely happen; I just hope the Hurricanes come to State College wearing camouflage.

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