OSU fans make nonconference picks

Last week, we asked you to pick the nonconference opponent you'd most like to see your favorite team play in the near future. You could pick a team already on the upcoming schedule or one that inexplicably hasn't been added.

The response, not surprisingly, has been strong. If you haven't done so already, please send us your picks here and here, and be sure to identify your Big Ten allegiance and why you're picking a certain nonconference foe.

Ohio State fans responded en masse, and here's a sampling of their non-league picks.

Matt from Columbus, Ohio: Adam, you indicated the correct Ohio State non-conference pick in your original post -- it's most definitely Texas. The last home and home was a split, where the winning team of each game went on to play for the National Championship and its quarterback to New York for the Heisman Ceremony. Couple those actual results with the ancillary factors that Ohio State and Texas are two of the largest universities in the country, have the most comprehensively powerful athletic departments, and are the flagship schools in two of the most talent-laden states, and there's no doubt that Buckeyes, Longhorns, and everyone else should be rooting for as many match-ups between these two as possible.

Dale from Santa Cruz, Bolivia: Buckeye fan for life here. Let's get right to it. Three blockbuster games. I wanna see my Buckeyes take on the Crimson Tide. To be the best (Whoooooo), you gotta beat the best. Everyone is speculating on the greatness of these Urban Meyer Buckeyes ... I want them to earn it! A neutral-field at night; who could resist that? Up next; Notre Dame. In the mid 90's we swept a home and home with the Irish and haven't seen hide nor hair of them since. Now that they seem to be back in the race; bring 'em on again! Third ... The U baby! Once considered the greatest championship game of all time. Let's do it again and keep the penalty flags stuffed deep down in those pockets.

Dan from Scottsdale, Ariz.: Regarding nonconference for the Buckeyes, it's got to be USC. Last series was awful. Wells was out in the LA blowout and Tressel got outcoached (which was rare) by Carroll a year later in C-bus. Like USC, it's gotta be about recruiting. I think OSU has to play big games either in CA, TX, FLA or Georgia every other year ...

Junky from Cincinnati: I would love to see Ohio State take on Florida, Georgia, Stanford and Arkansas. (Wouldn't mind another set of games with Texas). (I was angry the Buckeyes backed out of games against Georgia and Tennessee). To pick one, I would say I want an Ohio State/Florida rematch where Ohio State is at its best. (The Gator Bowl when OSU went 6-6 wasn't much of a matchup against an 8-4 Florida team)I think Urban Meyer at Ohio State coaching against his former team would be absolutely amazing!

Steve from Columbus, Ohio: Ohio State alum and fan here. 3 words. 1 acronym. I want the SEC. I want Bama, I want Florida, I want Georgia, I want SoCar, I want LSU...any of them. Let's go.OSU vs. SEC. So tired of hearing about the bowl record and those two NCGs... Bring them on.

Jon from Augusta, Ga.: OSU alum here. I would love to see a home-and-away series between OSU and Clemson. Both have great programs and gameday traditions, and there is some... history...that could be resolved.

Kevin from Iowa: Since Oregon, Texas and Oklahoma are already on the books, here are my OOC dream match-ups for Ohio State: Alabama, LSU, SCar, Georgia, and TAMU. They're the lead dogs on the sled. I'll take Tennessee, too--I think Butch Jones will be a big success and the Vols have a great stadium. The Florida/old Urban/new Urban connection is just too obvious for me. That storyline quickly became a trite cliche during the 2011 Gator Bowl. While you're at it, wake up the echoes and give me Notre Dame, too.

Zach from Cincinnati: Hey Adam - in response to your question on who fans would like to see their teams play in non-conference, I'd love to see Ohio State take on Florida State or Clemson. I'd really prefer to see any of the top tier Big Ten teams take on those guys just to put the unjustified hype both schools get every year to rest early on. Also looking forward to the Ohio State/Oklahoma and Ohio State/Oregon matchups coming up.

TraschMan from Columbus, Ohio: I'd love to see the Buckeyes in a rotating series with Oklahoma State and Oregon State because who wouldn't love to see the battle to be known as the real OSU? If you remember the 2004 Alamo Bowl, the Pokes made a big deal about being OSU and Ohio State made a big deal about beating them into the ground. Add Oregon State to that fun and how could you go wrong? It could be a rotating, 3-year series where each school plays each other once for all the marbles, tie goes to Ohio State because I said so.

Scott K. from Bridgeport, Ohio: Being a huge Buckeye fan i would love to meet up with the Gators again, especially since we lost to them in the Gator Bowl and now have their extremely successful ex-head coach calling the shots for us. (also some payback for the national championship game is in order). Needless to say, I think the outcome would be a little different if we met up with them at the end of this upcoming season.

So many good choices here for the Buckeyes. I agree with Steve from Columbus and would welcome almost any Ohio State-SEC matchup, although Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and now Arkansas -- with Buckeye fave Bret Bielema on the sideline -- would be especially delicious. Dale brings up a good point: these games might need to take place at a neutral site because neither side likes giving up home games. We saw Ohio State and Miami renew their series in 2010 and 2011, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of those games in the future. Jon from August brings up an interesting suggestion in Clemson, a nod to the 1978 Gator Bowl and Woody Hayes' final game as Buckeyes coach. The two teams haven't met since.

Notre Dame is an intriguing matchup because of Meyer's connection to the school and the fact the two national brands have played only five times before. It seems like Notre Dame is going in a different direction with its scheduling, but both fan bases would welcome a series. USC doesn't excite me as much because of the Trojans' recent downturn, but I love the fact Ohio State added Oregon and would be thrilled with a Stanford series.

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