Illinois notes, quotes from Fresno loss

It's hardly a surprise that Illinois and Fresno State shattered the Memorial Stadium record for combined scoring today, combining for 105 points in Fresno State's 53-52 win.

The previous record had been 89 points, set in 1996 during a 46-43 Illinois overtime victory against Indiana.

So much for cold weather keeping the point-total low.

Illini quarterback Juice Williams finished his career with 10,594 total yards -- 8,037 yards passing, 2,557 yards rushing -- and 56 touchdown passes.

A few quotes on the wild ending, as Fresno State scored on a 2-point conversion with two seconds remaining as offensive lineman Devan Cunningham caught a deflection and rumbled into the end zone.

Head coach Ron Zook: "I guess that’s the way the year has gone. That’s probably not a surprise the game went like that."

Illinois guard Jon Asamoah: "This big good-for-nothing I don’t know what. It’s ironic. When it fell into his hands, this is what happens."

Cunningham: "After I caught the ball I thought to myself, 'Oh man, the end zone is right there.' The [Illinois player] hit me and then Joe [Bernardi] hit me from behind, which made me go forward and I was able to get into the end zone."