Iowa fans make nonconference picks

Last week, we asked you to pick the nonconference opponent you'd most like to see your favorite team play in the near future. You could pick a team already on the upcoming schedule or one that inexplicably hasn't been added.

The response so far has been great. If your team hasn't been featured so far (the list of teams is at the bottom of this post), please make sure to send us your picks here and here, and be sure to identify your Big Ten allegiance and why you're picking a certain nonconference foe.

Iowa's future non-league scheduling has been a popular topic as of late, and Hawkeyes fans share their thoughts here ...

Nick at night from Des Moines, Iowa: Recent Iowa alumni here. When asking who to play in the non-con my answer is this: Georgia. "They are way out of Iowa's league" you say??? From 2001-2008, it looked like Iowa and Georgia would play in at least ONE of the New Years Day bowls in the line up. Instead, we got to play South Carolina, UF (2) and LSU. I have family that graduated from Georgia and we all go to the others stadium every other year for a game. UGA has a great stadium and so do we, so that would be great to experience. When they come up for an Iowa game all we hear about is how this doesn't even look like football to them. After three quarters of complaining, I just turned and said, "S Car, Florida and LSU." They were confused before I said those are all your big bad SEC teams that we beat in the past 5 years in bowl games (Iowa seemed to be holding the torch for the B1G for a little while against the SEC at 3-1). I realize Iowa is back on the slope working to get back on top, but it would be great to have a home and home with them at some point (maybe once Ferentz gets us back to B1G title contention).

Lee from Mississippi: As a Hawkeye fan, I want to see a rematch of the 2004/05 Capital One Bowl with Iowa and LSU, but this time in Kinnick Stadium or in Soldier Field. I would also love to see a matchup with West Virginia since our schools have never met on the gridiron and similar programs (Both have Orange Bowl wins, lack luster seasons last year). My other picks would be Florida for revenge in that 2005/06 Outback bowl (tainted referee game), Notre Dame (Because it's ND), Oregon, and South Carolina. For personal reasons I would love to see the Hawks take on Southern Mississippi in an epic fight for the Hawkeye/Eagle Logo (trademark fight with the two schools in which Iowa won the lawsuit) Okay, not really a big sell I know, but maybe Iowa could schedule them as one of their easier non con opponents like Nebraska does.

Shea from St. Joseph, Mo.: I'm a proud Iowa alum and there isn't one particular team I'd like to see my beloved Hawkeyes play. Rather, it's two entire conferences: the ACC and the SEC. For the last 20 years, Iowa hasn't played a single school from either conference in the regular season. In addition to playing Iowa State every year, Iowa only played BCS schools from the Big East (Syracuse in 2006 and 2007 and Pitt in 2008 and 2011), the Pac-12 (Oregon in 1994, Arizona in 1996, 1998, 2009 and 2010 and Arizona State in 2003 and 2004) and the Big 12 (Kansas State in 2000 and Nebraska in 1999 and 2000). I know the Hawkeyes wouldn't match up with Alabama right now, but personally, I'd love to see teams like Florida State, Clemson, Auburn, Mississippi State, Virginia Tech, North Carolina and Georgia come to Kinnick Stadium. In my 27 years on this earth, I haven't seen Iowa line up against any of those schools. Heck, I'd even settle for Vanderbilt, Kentucky or Duke. You know what they say -- variety is the spice of life.

Vince from Santa Barbara, Calif.: Lifelong Iowa Hawkeye fan here and when I say lifelong, I mean life long. First game I ever saw as a little chap in my living room in Glendale, California, was the 1982 Rose Bowl vs Washington. As the game started I asked my Dad "who is that?", referring to the Hawkeyes uniforms. He said, "That's the Hawkeyes from Iowa". I fell in love with the logo and the colors from that day on ... for better or for worse. I would love to see the Hawkeyes schedule a old Pac-10 team like Washington or UCLA, both rematches from Rose Bowl beatdowns. I guess putting Norte Dame back on the schedule would move the needle a bit nationally but for my money a good old fashioned Big-10 vs Pac-10 game would be awesome to see (plus Santa Barbara is just a hop, skip and a jump from Pasadena).

Anthony from Chicago: As a Hawkeye fan I'd love to get another crack at both Western and Central Michigan. Those games hurt! In all seriousness, I wish we had more big conference opponents (not including Iowa State) and would love to (try to) get revenge against USC for the 2003 Orange Bowl and Oklahoma after the latest Iowa bowl loss. Wouldn't mind Florida as well.

Dan from Crystal Lake, Ill.: IOWA nonconference opponent you'd most like to see: Arizona. Lets be realistic, Oregon and USC probably wont make the trip to Iowa City and the Hawkeyes will want to face a team that they can compete with. the west coast draw is nice and there are a lot of Iowa fans in AZ. the Rich Rod connection to the BIG is there. Arizona is a safe match up and we know how much Coach Ferentz loves "safe."

Cole from Iowa: As an Iowa fan I would love to see an Iowa-Oklahoma match up. There is the Bob Stoops angle and a good marquee game for Iowa. That and I love it when OK loses and a loss to the Hawks is even sweeter.

HawkInGoferLand from Rittenbergvilleton, Minn.: In response to what teams I'd like to see on Iowa's nonconference schedule, this is my list. Missouri --border school that we recruit. Insight Bowl 2011 was great battle and Missouri backed out of a 4-game series with Iowa 8-10 years ago. Oklahoma -- great tradition and lots of "Iowa" guys on the Sooner staff including Bob & Mike Stoops, Jay Norvell and Jerry Montgomery. Arkansas -- a program on similar level to Iowa plus the [Bret] Bielema-Iowa connection. Florida -- marque SEC school Iowa crushed in '04 Outback Bowl.

Greg from Swag City: Who would I like to see IOWA play? My first inclination was an SEC team, but Ferentz's 4-1 record against SEC teams in bowl games during his tenure has me looking for a tougher match up. I look to the West Coast and a team like Oregon. Starkly different style of football, national (bandwagon) fan base, successful teams this last decade. Which bird wins - the duck or the hawk?

Both Nick and Dan bring up the idea of "realistic" nonconference opponents for Iowa and mention that teams like Georgia and USC might not want to schedule a series with the Hawkeyes. I'm not so sure that's true, and a creative approach like a neutral-site game could get the job done. Besides, fans don't need to be realistic here. I want to know your dream non-league matchups.

Shea brings up a fascinating point about how Iowa hasn't played an SEC or ACC team in the regular season since 1992, when it opened the season against NC State at the Kickoff Classic in New Jersey. There has been a lot of Big 12 (Iowa State, obviously, but also other teams) and some Pac-10/12. I'd love to see that change, whether it's Iowa-LSU, Iowa-Florida, Iowa-Georgia, Iowa-Florida State or Iowa-Clemson. There are so many Iowa coaching connections out there because of the extensive Hayden Fry coaching tree, which creates a lot of fascinating matchups. I'm certainly not opposed to more Iowa-Oklahoma games, perhaps at a neutral site, or Iowa against Pac-12 foes like Washington, Oregon or UCLA, but ending the regular-season drought with the SEC and ACC should be a priority.

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