Huskers to wear black against UCLA

Nebraska is breaking out some alternate uniforms again this season, and this time Big Red is back in black.

The Huskers will wear black tops, white pants with a black stripe down the side and a white helmet with a black stripe down the middle and a red "N" on the side when they play UCLA at home on Sept. 14. You can check out the adidas alternate uniform here.

While Nebraska is known for its red, the team did wear black helmets and a large black "N" on the front of its jerseys while wearing alternate uniforms last year against Wisconsin. I wasn't a huge fan of that look, and while it will take some adjustment to get used to seeing the Huskers predominantly in black, I think these unis are sleeker and cooler than last year's. Plus, most college players seem to love black uniforms, even if that's not a part of their regular color scheme. This is a new twist on Nebraska's defensive Blackshirts tradition.

UCLA, another adidas school, will also be wearing alternate uniforms during the game, which you can see here. The Bruins didn't exactly change their color scheme all that dramatically, but why mess with the baby blue?

It should add a little bit of extra excitement to a game that's already shaping up as one of the best on the Big Ten schedule in September. What do you think of Nebraska's new duds?