Big Ten lunch links

Big Ten media days are in the books, and there's plenty to fill your plate today.

Hope you brought your appetite.


  • ESPN.com's Mark Schlabach: When (Bill) O'Brien spoke to the media in Chicago last year, he didn't even know whether Penn State would have enough players to field a team in 2012. ... Now, there are no questions about who is committed to the Nittany Lions.

  • SI.com's Stewart Mandel: (Urban) Meyer is hardly the only college coach to have players get in trouble, but he's certainly become the most criticized. Why is that exactly?

  • CBSSports.com's Dennis Dodd: The show-stopping question for Meyer, though, now becomes: What's easier, coaching when there's nothing to play for or everything to play for? "We try to push it out of everybody's mind because I hear that a lot," Meyer said. "I think that's a distraction."

  • CBSSports.com's Jeremy Fowler: Michigan isn't letting the Big Ten's perceived dearth of talent or Ohio State's perceived headlock on the league's title chances put the Wolverines on the spot. They did that to themselves all offseason by setting a firm line on where the program belongs.

  • USA Today's Dan Wolken: But whereas the Nittany Lions were able to stay united last season through adversity, the second year without a postseason opportunity provides another test. As Penn State gets further removed from the emotions that carried them through last season, will the limitations of their roster and reality of their situation impact their play?

  • Sporting News' Matt Hayes: So while others celebrate a third-place division finish like it’s winning the lottery (hello, Texas A&M); while some talk about a tipped pass from winning it all (that’s you, Georgia); while they throw up garish signs to honor a team that won every game but did so under NCAA probation (see: Ohio State), (Brady) Hoke and everyone at Michigan want to be perfectly clear about the last two years in Ann Arbor. Abject failure.