Spartans' Reynolds helps save teen's life

Most news stories involving college football players, the summer and the wee hours of the morning aren't positive ones. Just ask Ohio State.

But if Michigan State nose tackle Micajah Reynolds wasn't driving in the early hours of July 31 in Lansing, Mich., a young man might have lost his life. Reynolds was returning home from a friend's house when an 18-year old man flagged him down. The man had been shot multiple times, including in the head, after being the victim of an apparent robbery.

Reynolds shared the story Monday during Michigan State's preseason media day.

"Nobody else was around, and he was bleeding pretty badly," Reynolds said. "I whipped my car around in the middle of the street and jumped out and ran over to him and helped him out. I put pressure on his wounds and stuff. He had been shot in the head. I've still got my shirt and all my clothes over at the house that are completely drenched in his blood and stuff. Thank God he made it."

Here's more from the Spartans senior, a Lansing native:

"I'm holding him, cradling him and putting pressure and telling him, 'Hey, everything is going to be OK, everything is going to be all right.' He’s telling me, 'I'm dead,' and I said, 'You're not dead, you're sitting here talking to me. You’re gonna be fine, just hang on, just keep fighting.' I felt like I was spotting someone on the bench and being like, 'Man, you can do it. Just relax and keep going. You got it and all that.' Thankfully, he made it. I haven't really spoken to the family since I’ve been in camp and stuff. He was stable and everything the last time I checked."

Reynolds said the experience has made him appreciate life more as well as the opportunity to play major college football. He has increased his level of intensity during the Spartans' first few practices.

"Life is so delicate," he told reporters. "You don't think about things like that happening until it's happened. Just thinking, I was like what if my son would’ve been in that situation? Would somebody else have stopped?"

Thankfully, Reynolds did and the teen survived.

It remains to be seen whether Reynolds will be a starter, a backup or an All-Big Ten player this fall.

This much is clear: he should be called a hero.