How we voted in ESPN.com's Top 25

Neither Adam nor I vote in the Associated Press, USA Today coaches' or Harris polls, and for some reason we didn't get an Emmy ballot. But we do have a say in ESPN.com's weekly power rankings, and here's what we said this week:

Adam's Top 25

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Clemson

4. Ohio State

5. Stanford

6. LSU

7. Texas A&M

8. Florida State

9. Louisville

10. Oklahoma State

11. Georgia

12. Oklahoma

13. South Carolina

14. UCLA

15. Miami

16. Washington

17. Baylor

18. Mississippi

19. Northwestern

20. Wisconsin

21. Florida

22. Michigan

23. Arizona State

24. Maryland

25. Notre Dame

Brian's Top 25

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Oregon

4. Ohio State

5. Stanford

6. Florida State

7. Texas A&M

8. LSU

9. Georgia

10. Louisville

11. Oklahoma State

12. Miami

13. South Carolina

14. UCLA

15. Oklahoma

16. Northwestern

17. Washington

18. Baylor

19. Ole Miss

20. Wisconsin

21. Michigan

22. Notre Dame

23. Florida

24. UCF

25. Fresno State

The top of our rankings are not too dissimilar, though Adam has Oregon No. 2 while I'm sticking with Clemson. I've been impressed with the Ducks but would like to see them beat someone better than Tennessee, while Clemson's win over Georgia still strikes me as the better accomplishment. ... Florida State and LSU are also flip-flopped on our ballots. Adam may well be right about that, as Les Miles's team has looked very good and might be the only thing that stands between Alabama and a 12-0 regular-season record. ... We both dropped Michigan quite a bit after a second straight unimpressive showing by the Wolverines. ... Adam keeps Arizona State in and welcomes future Big Ten member Maryland to his Top 25. I believe the Sun Devils should be 1-2, and I brought in a team that beat future Big Ten member Rutgers and Boise State in Fresno State.

What does your Top 25 look like this week?