Pryor reflects on near Duck experience

LOS ANGELES -- Terrelle Pryor found a lot to like about Oregon as he went through the recruiting process.

There was the chance to play for a successful head coach in Mike Bellotti, the opportunity to work under innovative offensive coordinator Chip Kelly and the ability to play in a system that perfectly fit his skill set. And then there was The Swoosh.

So which of these factors most appealed to Pryor? The answer won't surprise you.

"All that Nike stuff," the Ohio State quarterback said Monday. "Oh, yeah. I would probably have gotten in trouble taking all that Nike stuff. They have Nike all over the place. They have, what, 20 million uniforms? I'm sure they're going to come out with something [new]. I'll look at it and be like, wow."

Ohio State and Oregon both wear Nike apparel, but otherwise the programs seem like polar opposites. Still, Pryor had both schools in his final pool of options.

Pryor doesn't second guess his decision to come to Ohio State and seems completely content as a Buckeye. And as one of the more coveted high school prospects in recent history, he's used to facing teams that courted him during recruiting.

"It's the same thing with Penn State and USC," he said. "It's going to be fun and it's going to be different playing against a team [Oregon] where the coaches recruited me, but it comes with the territory."