Penn State's Bowman makes wise choice

How many Penn State fans held their breath when they saw this headline?

No, I'm not referring to junior linebacker Navorro Bowman's upcoming decision of whether or not to enter the NFL draft. Bowman will make his future plans known soon, and few will be surprised if he chooses to turn pro. The guy is an absolute stud, and he doesn't need to prove much more at the college level.

If the Capital One Bowl indeed marks Bowman's final game as a Nittany Lion, he'll be remembered for an interesting sequence in the final minute that led to Penn State's 19-17 win.

Out of timeouts, LSU was in hurry-up mode and reached the Penn State 45-yard line on a short pass to Brandon LaFell with about 30 seconds left. Bowman and fellow linebacker Sean Lee brought down LaFell on the play. Bowman took his sweet time getting off the ground -- and LaFell -- and Tigers offensive lineman Lyle Hitt finally stepped in. Hitt moved Bowman off of LaFell but drew a personal foul penalty that pushed LSU back into its own territory.

After some awful clock management from quarterback Jordan Jefferson, the Tigers had only two desperation plays left.

"He threw me aside but I had a plan for what I was doing," Bowman told reporters after the game. "You know, I was using my brain. They had no timeouts left, I thought if I lean on the guy for a couple extra seconds to let the clock run out, it would help us out."

Bowman didn't think a penalty should have been called, and worried that he'd be flagged when he saw the yellow hankie.

"My reasoning for doing what I was doing, you know, it wasn't a positive thing, it wasn't a good thing," Bowman said. "It was [just] to help my team win."