Clarifying Capital One, Outback selections

Turns out, we had it right from the start on the Capital One Bowl and Outback Bowl selection process with Big Ten teams. My apologies for leading you astray in the latest bowl projections.

After checking with the Big Ten office, I can confirm the following:

  • Both the Capital One and Outback bowls cannot select a Big Ten team with two fewer wins or two more losses than another eligible Big Ten team.

Therefore, if Nebraska loses to Wisconsin in Saturday's Big Ten championship game, the Capital One Bowl could only select Nebraska (10-3) or Northwestern (9-3). Michigan would not be eligible because it has two fewer wins than Nebraska.

This is what we thought initially, but the Capital One Bowl briefly created some confusion Sunday on Twitter but eventually cleared it up.

From talking to bowl officials in recent weeks, it's clear the Capital One Bowl wants Michigan. So if Nebraska beats Wisconsin on Saturday, I fully expect the Wolverines to be heading to Orlando. The only potential snag is the bowl would want to avoid a Michigan-Alabama rematch on Jan. 1.