Michigan's Rodriguez goes Foxx hunting

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

CHICAGO -- Before shutting things down for a bit, I wanted to fill you in on my personal highlight from this year's Big Ten media days.

The best part: it didn't even take place inside the Hyatt Regency.

After finishing work Monday night, several of us headed over to Gibson's Steakhouse to gorge ourselves with meat, potatoes and the like. The meal was top notch, but the scene at the restaurant topped everything. It's as close as I'll ever get to being on TMZ.com.

Our party was escorted to the back of the restaurant, and we immediately recognized our neighbors at the adjacent table: Rich Rodriguez and several athletic department staffers from Michigan. They told us our table had previously been occupied by Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel, athletic director Gene Smith and several other Buckeyes staffers.

Who says sworn enemies don't break bread together?

Halfway through the meal, we noticed Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher dining nearby. A few minutes later, actor Jamie Foxx strolled in with his entourage and sat at the table next to Rodriguez and his crew. Foxx knew several of the Michigan folks and spent several minutes talking with Rodriguez.

I'm not the type to get star struck, but to have Foxx, Urlacher and Rodriguez all within 30 feet or so was certainly a first.

Colleague Pat Forde chronicled the play-by-play on Twitter, and annarbor.com's Michael Rothstein checked in with Rodriguez about meeting Foxx, who might turn up at the Big House for a game this fall.

"He's a great guy," Rodriguez said Tuesday morning. "He's obviously extremely talented. I've seen some of his work ethic and he's one of the most talented entertainers in the country. So, it was neat.

"...Hopefully, we can get up to a ball game. I'd love to see him again."

Who knows? Maybe if Michigan's quarterback situation gets desperate enough, Rodriguez will call on Foxx, who played quarterback Willie Beamen in the movie "Any Given Sunday," to take a few snaps. If nothing else, Michigan might have added a famous fan.