Big Ten lunchtime links: Boilers players back Tiller

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

Check these out after we chat.

  • With Purdue at 2-6 and coach Joe Tiller weeks away from retirement, the question begs to be asked: Have the players tuned out Tiller? Several Boilermakers say no, but former Purdue basketball coach Gene Keady says Tiller has a tough task, Tom Kubat writes in The Journal and Courier.

"Any time you hire another coach, the coach that is being replaced is a lame duck toward motivating [the players]," Keady said. "They know they don't have to listen to you the next year. It's tough. I can sympathize with Joe. It's not any fun. After you've coached 50 years, you would like to go out a winner, and that's not going to happen. ... You feel like you've let everybody down when that happens."