Pryor apologizes to OSU, looks toward NFL

Anyone else need a shower after watching that?

Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor and his new agent Drew Rosenhaus held a brief news conference Tuesday in Miami. Pryor made his first extended public comments since announcing his departure from Ohio State, although the quarterback didn't take any questions from the media after reading a statement. Rosenhaus then proceeded to talk about how Pryor will take the NFL by storm, how much Jim Tressel loves Pryor, how Pryor will redeem himself with Ohio State fans, blah, blah ...

ESPN2 wisely broke away from the Rosenhaus rant midstream.

Here are a few tidbits from Pryor's statement:

  • "In terms of Ohio State, I'd like to say sorry to the coaching staff, say sorry to my teammates, say sorry to all the Buckeye Nation and all the Buckeye fans throughout the country. I never meant to hurt anybody directly or indirectly."

  • "To coach Jim Tressel, a special shout-out, I'm sorry for all I've done. I apologize with all my heart. I love you just like a father. You taught me a lot. I apologize for being in a situation that [has taken] you out of a job and a place that you loved to be. I regret the fact that you're not there anymore, and I regret that fact I'm not there anymore."

  • Pryor said he has nine academic credits to complete before graduating from Ohio State. "I'd like to come back and graduate sometime and finish my degree and graduate as a Buckeye," he said. Here's hoping he follows through.

  • Pryor confirmed he's entering the NFL supplemental draft in July.

  • "One of my goals is to be the best person I can possibly be off the field, be the best role model I can possibly be off the field."

So there you have it. Pryor did apologize quite a bit in his brief statement, although I doubt too many Buckeyes fans are in a forgiving mood right now. It was important that he acknowledged his mistakes, but he might have picked a better forum to do so.

Rosenhaus added that Pryor has expressed "tremendous remorse" and is "responsible for the mistakes he has made. He has owned up to them. … But the past is now the past." The agent added that Pryor wanted to stay at Ohio State and wants to redeem himself with Buckeyes fans.

One of the more interesting nuggets is that according to Rosenhaus, Tressel remains very involved with Pryor and has vouched for the quarterback.

"He's going to champion this young man," Rosenhaus said.

Rosenhaus predicted that Pryor would be a first-round pick in July's NFL supplemental draft. Former Duke quarterback Dave Brown was the last first-round pick in the supplemental draft, way back in 1992.

"Are you kidding me? Middle round for this guy?" Rosenhaus said. "... He is going to be a great NFL quarterback. With all the teams that need QBs, you can't tell me people are not going to jump on this young man."

We'll see about that.

One NFL receiver seems sold on Pryor. Chad Ochocinco, another Rosenhaus client, raved about Pryor on Twitter after working out with the quarterback Tuesday morning.

Ochocino tweeted of Pryor: "Unbelievable arm strength n superb timing with it just being our first day," and, "the media said @tpeezy2 isn't NFL type QB,after running routes n seeing great timing n arm strength I beg to differ."

Talent always wins out, and if Pryor can convince NFL personnel folks that he can succeed both on and off the field at the next level, he'll find a place to play.

He just might want to hope the NFL folks don't judge him by today's charade.