Big Ten afternoon roundup: Support for IU's Adkins

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

It's nice to see that Chris Adkins' Indiana teammates are doing whatever they can to support him this week. Catastrophic football injuries are terrible for all involved, and my thoughts are certainly with Ball State wide receiver Dante Love and his family. There's the other side, too, the guys who walk away from collisions like the one Saturday night at Memorial Stadium.

Adkins has to be going through a lot right now, and this is the time when he needs his teammates the most. The cornerback also will spend some time with a sports psychologist who regularly comes to the Indiana campus.

A few happenings around the league:

"There was a heavy cloud over the community for about a year or so," Decker said. "People were sad for the families; everybody knew them. Every once in a while we'll talk about it. But, to be honest, it's something you don't want to remember. You want to learn from it."