B1G Q&A: Illinois WR Geronimo Allison on hidden talent, Disney princesses

Geronimo Allison is a two-year starter at wide receiver for the Illinois Fighting Illini and, with the injury to Mike Dudek, he’s now the Illini’s leading receiver.

He’s currently third in the Big Ten in receptions (24) and receiving yards (362). Allison also has one touchdown catch.

We wanted to get to know Allison a little better. So we asked him some off-the-wall questions, some light-hearted hypotheticals and we even talked football … sort of.

If you could add one cartoon character to Illinois’ football roster, who would it be – and what position would they play?

Geronimo Allison: I would add Superman, and I’d have him play receiver. Definitely, receiver. He has awesome intangibles – fast, fly, strong. I think he’d be useful.

OK, that checks out. Technically, Superman is also a cartoon. Let’s go with another weird hypothetical --- if a genie promised to grant you one wish, what would you wish for? And normal genie rules apply here.

Allison: If a genie would grant me one wish, I’d have to wish for [pauses] immortality. I’d take that over wishing for money because, since I’d be able to live longer, I’d still have more money because I’d work longer. And I’d never have to die. Works out that way – and I’ll still be able to do everything on my bucket list, whenever I want, while everyone’s getting old and time’s changing.

Let’s go back to football. Which Illinois player has the oddest pregame routine?

Allison: Has to be Teddy Karras. Sometimes he takes a shower in his uniform after he gets all the way dressed. Other times, he’ll just dump a lot of water on himself before the game – just dumping it on his face, on his body, always before he goes out. That’s, by far, one of the weirdest things I’ve seen from all the players.

Sticking with football, sort of, which TV character is most like Illinois coach Bill Cubit?

Allison: That’s tough. I’d just have to say, from The Simpsons, the grandfather. Homer’s father (Abe). Just because -- cool old guy, he’s funny but sometimes he’ll be serious with Homer. And he’s just a great guy.

If we held a Big Ten talent show tomorrow, how would you impress us?

Allison: I’d probably dance. I trust my dance skills; I’d probably dance, most likely. I like to think I have good rhythm so, if I had time, I’d come up with a routine. Or if I was on the spot right away, I’d probably just play one of these famous songs that’s out there, trust my rhythm and just go with the flow.

What’s the best dance move right now – and what’s the last one you would ever do?

Allison: The Whip would probably be the best right now, and the last one I would ever do is probably the Harlem Shake. Just because it’s so old. There are so many more dances out there like the Whip, the Nae Nae, Sha Money, all these other dances out there. So it’s kind of like it’d be, ‘What is he doing? He’s doing the Harlem Shake?’ Nobody does that anymore.

If you could have dinner with any three people – living or dead – who would they be?

Allison: My first one would be my great grandma because she’s passed away and I can’t see her ever again, so I’d like to have dinner one more time. It would probably be emotional, but I’d love to do that. Second would be Deion Sanders because he’s a great athlete and I feel like I could ask a lot of questions about football and he’d have great answers and be able to educate me. Maybe he’d be able to critique some things I do and tell me how to beat some techniques. And third would have to be Meagan Good, celebrity crush.

Last question and, maybe, the most important: Who is your favorite Disney princess?

Allison: Jasmine would have to be my favorite [laughs]. Just because Aladdin was one of my favorite movies growing up, and I just remember her. As far as the other princesses, she’s one of the prettiest ones.