Ohio State's pipeline push ends

Ohio State made it to the second round of ESPN.com's NFL pipeline challenge, but the Buckeyes couldn't get past Deion Sanders and the Florida State Seminoles.

I argued (valiantly, I might add) for the Buckeyes to advance, citing their overwhelming number of draft picks (177) and first-round selections (37) between 1979-2009. I pointed to Ohio State's fine collection of offensive linemen, led by Orlando Pace, as well as standout skill players like wideout Cris Carter. I also noted that Ohio State boasts several dynamic young players in the NFL, while Florida State's NFL pipeline seems to be drying up since the 1990s.

Colleague Ivan Maisel, arguing for Florida State, writes that the Seminoles boast a superior collection of defensive linemen compared to Ohio State

"They are the toughest players to find in football. The NFL drafted 25 defensive ends and tackles from the Seminoles in the past 20 years."

ESPN Scout's Inc.'s Matt Williamson ruled for Maisel and Florida State, writing that while neither group of players is overly impressive, the Seminoles get the edge because of Sanders, Derrick Brooks and Walter Jones.

So the Big Ten is out of the pipeline bracket. Don't shed too many tears. Ohio State and other Big Ten squads will continue to send plenty of players to the NFL year after year.