Wisconsin safeties having a Good week

LOS ANGELES -- Wisconsin safety Aaron Henry has had a very Good week in California.

That's Good with a capital 'G.'

Celebrity sightings are part of the deal out here, and Henry's pre-bowl highlight came when he met actress Meagan Good.

"You guys probably don't know her, but in the African-American community, she's very, very popular," Henry told reporters Wednesday. "And this young lady is as good as advertised."

"It was definitely an honor to meet her," Henry added. "She actually gave me a hug as well, so that was pretty nice."

Henry's story prompted a media member to do some research.

Reporter: Aaron, I just Googled Meagan Good, so I can understand your excitement.

Henry: Yes, sir.

Henry and fellow Badgers safety Jay Valai provided plenty of entertainment in Wednesday morning's media session.

Valai, a 5-9, 205-pound sound bite, weighed in on several topics.

Here are a few of Valai's pearls of wisdom:

On leaving his home state of Texas for Wisconsin: "No. 1 party school, No. 1 college sports town and No. 9 education. I said, 'Hey, you live once, why not Wisconsin?' It's been a great move, except dealing with that cold, cold weather. Not good for my African blood. Besides that, it's all good."

On Texans vs. Sconnies: "Wisconsin people, they're pretty strong no matter what's going on. They have your back and stuff like that. Being a [Dallas Cowboys] fan, I've done this up and down, I get upset real quick. We're used to winning so much, we get angry real quick after one game, one loss and they'll be all over you. But Badger fans, they're Packer fans, they're not going to kill you, they'll still support you. Texas people, we're a little more hot blooded."

On Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema: "He's the man around Madison. You see him out, he's all dressed up. He's a good dude. Sometimes it's better to be a bachelor in your life. ... Only reason he gave me a scholarship is because I had long arms after he saw how tall I was."

On whether he would have gone to Texas if offered: "Yeah, probably so, I'm not going to lie to you. Texas is done recruiting their junior year and then everybody else is left for the pickings. Coach [Mack] Brown picks his, and the rest of us mortals got to go to other schools, simple as that."

On the Wisconsin weather: "I remember this: They said we'll never go outside and practice if it's below 40. 40 degrees and lower we'll never be outside. Yeah, about 17 degrees and we were outside. I felt like a bunch of knives were being stabbed in my hands."

On whether Wisconsin quarterback Scott Tolzien is unathletic: "I think he doubled his career yards in rushing the other day in practice. He had a little 15-yard scamper. He would have slid, too, but I think he wanted to dive for it again."

Good times with Wisconsin's safeties.