BuckeyeNation links: Ditching the dummy

BuckeyeNation has more coverage of Ohio State:

Austin Ward writes: Fifth-year senior Nathan Williams has made friends with a tackling dummy in camp. He'd gladly trade that for a real person in practice, and soon.

Ward writes: State of the brand -- Ohio State's brand still resonates despite sanctions.

Brad Bournival writesInsider: Q&A with freshman linebacker Jamal Marcus, who is making a big play for playing time.

Bournival writesInsider: One of the best receivers in the 2014 class, Dante Booker of Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary, is putting recruiting on hold until after his high school season.

Bournival writesInsider: Louisiana receiver Speedy Noil lives up to his name, and would like to make a visit to Ohio State.

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