Longtime PSU trustee Garban resigns

Longtime Penn State trustee Steve Garban, who chaired the board in 2011 when the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal became public, resigned from his post Thursday.

Garban had come under fire following last week's release of the Freeh report, as several trustees blamed him for failing to alert them about the investigation into Sandusky in April 2011, seven months before it became public. In a resignation letter to board chair Karen Peetz, Garban wrote his "presence of the board has become a distraction and an impediment to your efforts to move forward."

During last week's two-day Board of Trustees meeting in Scranton, Pa., several trustees confronted Garban and urged him to resign for the good of the board, three trustees with knowledge of the episode said. Garban, a 14-year board member and chairman of the board when the Sandusky investigation became public last year, had refused. But three trustees with knowledge of this week's discussions with Garban, including several conversations by Peetz herself, said he was persuaded today to resign. "He did the right thing," said a trustee who spoke on condition of anonymity. "This should help people see we are trying to move forward."

Garban is the first trustee to step down since the release of the Freeh report. Will he be the last?