LeBrun: B's Jacobs should recuse himself

While mediation failed to make progress in the NHL lockout, an interesting subplot emerged: Commissioner Gary Bettman has apparently suggested that he and NHLPA chief Donald Fehr step aside, and let players and owners negotiate directly with one another.

ESPN.com's Pierre LeBrun is intrigued by that possibility, but goes even further, suggesting that Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, viewed as a hardliner among the anti-union faction, should also remove himself from the picture:

I'd go further. I'd request that Jeremy Jacobs also join Bettman on the bench. Whether or not the kind of vitriol the players have for the Boston Bruins' owner is justified on all levels, the fact remains that he has come to represent all that is wrong with NHL ownership in the eyes of players. Get him out of the room.

Let's get some fresh voices with a fresh approach. At this point, the process requires it.

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