Seguin to return home; not health related

On Saturday, Bruins forward Tyler Seguin confirmed to CSNNE.com that he is coming home to North America in January after the Spengler Cup, which he is currently playing in for his native Canada. Seguin had been playing for HC Biel in the Swiss League and heading into the Spengler Cup he was among the league's leading scorers.

As news broke this past week that Seguin was heading home, some speculation out of Switzerland also surfaced that one of the reasons Seguin was leaving was due to a hip injury he would need to be examined for when he arrived back in Boston. When contacted about reports that Seguin's hip was giving him problems, his agent Ian Pulver made it clear that there is nothing to worry about.

"Tyler Seguin just recorded 40 points and scored 25 goals in Switzerland. He is playing the Spengler Cup for Canada [Canada plays in the final Monday vs. HC Davos]. He is playing outstanding hockey and feels great," Pulver told ESPNBoston.com in an email Sunday.

Last October, ESPNBoston.com’s Joe McDonald reported that Seguin has a congenital hip condition that wasn’t a short-term concern, but could eventually lead to problems.

At the time of the report, Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli downplayed any problems with Seguin's hip.

"I'm not going to comment whether it's congenital or not," Chiarelli said last October. "I don't want to get into details what we think it is or isn't and I don't want any alarm bells going off. Like I said, you can go through our roster and there are probably 12 or 13 guys with something similar or the same thing."