Thornton: 'It's been too long'

BOSTON -- Bruins veteran forward Shawn Thornton is ready to go.

With news that the NHL has resolved its lockout and a shortened season will begin soon, Thornton is satisfied that the 2012-2013 campaign has been saved, but he wishes it never went this long.

“I’m happy it’s finally resolved,” Thornton said. “It’s been too long and I don’t think it should have gone this long. But it’s here and I’m excited to get going as soon as possible. I don’t have any details when we’ll get started or how many games, but whatever it is I’m ready to go and I’ve been ready to go for a while.”

Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs was seen as one of the hard-liners on the owners' side of negotiations. Asked what he thinks of Jacobs in the wake of the 100-plus day lockout, Thornton said, “Can't get emotional. It's a business.

“The business side of the game sucks and I'm happy to be playing again.”

Whether there’s a 50- or 48-game scheduled has yet to be determined, but either way the hockey will be fast and furious.

“It’s going to be a sprint,” Thornton said. “It’ll be a grind too. There’s going to be a lot of games, but guys usually practice like it’s a game anyway. Timing will take a little bit the first few games, but guys get it back pretty quickly, so I think it’ll be back to being exciting hockey as always.”

Thornton knows the league will have to win back some of its fans.

“Fans will be pissed and I don't blame them but I know we're lucky to have the best in Boston,” he said.

The Bruins are in a good situation since the majority of their roster hasn’t changed the last few seasons, especially with the core group from the 2011 Stanley Cup team still intact. Thornton believes that will help moving forward in 2013.

“You hope that’s going to help us out in the shortened season, that we’re very familiar with each other and most of our lines will stay the same,” Thornton said. “Things on paper and things on ice are two different things, but I’m optimistic with the fact that we’ve been pretty much all together for the last couple of years. That will definitely help our chemistry at the start.”